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About specializes in the development and sales of software, devices and services for restaurants and all types of food service. Our client list includes some of the best known restaurants, hotels and culinary schools in the world. Our top sellers are our own IPro restaurant inventory software LRS restaurant pagers, and nutraCoster nutritional analysis software. We also carry the full line of the Culinary Institute of America's professional training videos.

Revised: 8/9/2020
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Product:  LRS Pager System: Push-for-Service Text System with 5-Button Butler + 2, 3 or 5 Pagers

ID:  BUTLERii5-T2-5-00260

Price:  $299.95


Choose option 1 below for the Five-Button Butler II pager system with one transmitter, two pagers and one program kit.

Choose option 2 for the same but with three pagers.

Choose option 3 for the same but with five pagers.

You can get any number of pagers by using the listing for individual pagers under Related Products in the main listing for this product.

For quotes on larger systems, or if you want to order more pagers than the options below provide please call us at 805-375-7000.

Option 1: Butler II Pager System with 2 Text Pager ($299.95)
Option 2: Butler II Pager System with 3 Text Pagers ($364.95)
Option 3: Butler II Pager System with 5 Text Pagers ($494.95)
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