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Bakery Software from

5/1/2024 by FoodSoftware

Welcome Bakery Software Shoppers! specializes in software for bakeries and offers a variety of bakery software products for Windows-based PCs.

Products in our bakery software category are items which are either specifically designed for use by bakeries or for similar industries but are also often used by bakeries.

Bakery software offered at falls into the following main purpose types:

  • Recipe analysis software for:
    • Nutrition Facts panel composition for consumer product labels
    • Detailed nutritional analysis for dietary purposes
    • Recipe costing for cost control
  • Inventory control software for:
    • Inventory reporting and cost management
    • Inventory purchasing and requirements forecasting
  • Order entry, accounts receivable and delivery routing software for:
    • Entering customer orders (new orders of varying quantities)
    • Keeping standing orders (orders that are always the same on their respective days of the week)
    • Perform delivery route accounting
    • Creates invoices and statements for accounts receivable tracking

Important Bakery Software Products

Click on the links below for detailed information about our key bakery software products.

SweetWARE nutraCoster Professional 2.1 Recipe/Formula Costing & Nutritional Analysis Software

  • Does recipe nutritional analysis
  • Creates USDA-complient Nutrition Facts panels for commercial food packaging.
  • Does recipe cost analysis.

stockCoster Inventory Module for nutraCoster Professional 2.1 Recipe/Formula & Nutritional Software

  • Does inventory control and reporting
  • Uses nutraCoster's recipes for purchasing and requirements forecasting
  • Integrates with nutraCoster (and is not a stand-alone program)

Wholesale Bakery Order Entry, Invoicing & Accounts Receivable Software (SmallPICS 2.0)

  • Records customer orders (new orders of varying quantities)
  • Keeps standing orders that vary by day
  • Performs delivery route accounting
  • Creates invoices and statements for accounts receivable tracking

IPro Series 40 Restaurant Inventory, Recipe & Menu Software

  • Inventory control and reporting
  • Recipe costing
  • Sales analysis
  • Restaurant-type business cost control
See the list below for all products in this item class and related classes too. Customers who purchase the above mentioned products also buy these products.

Bakery Software from Catalog
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• Featured Item

Food Label Printer: Zebra GX430 Zebra Desktop 300dpi Printer
ID: ZEB-GX430-00368
Our Price: $599.99  Compare to MSRP: $850

The Zebra GX430 desktop label printer is for printing quick and economical runs of labels up to four inches wide at 300dpi. The 300dpi capability is for printing the small fonts required for small product labels. The GX430 is a best-in-class printer that is perfect for short and medium runs of food product labels in black-and-white with ... more.
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• Featured Item

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• Best Seller!

IPro Series 40 Restaurant Inventory, Recipe & Menu Software
ID: IPro40-008
Our Price: $49.95

IPro restaurant and general food service inventory and recipe cost control software dramatically reduces food and beverage costs by detecting creeping costs, overuse, theft and unknown costs. IPro features periodic and perpetual inventory for food, liquor and supplies, build-to-par ordering, purchase history, vendor comparison, recipe co... more.
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• Featured Item

Restaurant Recipe Costing, Inventory & Menu Profitability Spreadsheet Workbook for Excel
ID: RRG-RIMW-00138
Our Price: $149.00

This set of pre-configured and customizeable Microsoft Excel restaurant spreadsheets are for chefs, managers and owners who want to quickly and easily maintain food and beverage inventory, cost and recost recipes as ingredient costs change, print recipe sheets, calculate food cost percentages and margins and determine "theoretical food co... more.
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