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Software Apps, Pager Systems, Training DVDs and More for Restaurants, Bakeries, Food Manufacturers, Chefs and All Food Professionals

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About specializes in the development and sales of software, devices and services for restaurants and all types of food service. Our client list includes some of the best known restaurants, hotels and culinary schools in the world. Our top sellers are our own IPro restaurant inventory software LRS restaurant pagers, and nutraCoster nutritional analysis software. We also carry the full line of the Culinary Institute of America's professional training videos.

Revised: 9/17/2019
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• Best Seller!

Instant Restaurant Employee Handbook Creator CD - for 2014 and After
ID: AP-EHB-CS-0052
Our Price: $59.95  Compare to MSRP: $99.95

Use Instant Employee Handbook Creator to write your own official Company Employee Handbook with most of the writing already done for you so you don't have to start from scratch! This is a CD with word processing files that you can open with any word processor on PCs or Macs and modify as you require. Reviewed and revised by legal... more.
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• On Special!

Restaurant Training: Exceeding Expectations: Fine Dining Waitstaff Tips & Techniques
ID: CIA-1-58315-330-6-00229
Our Price: $39.95  Compare to MSRP: $99.95

This is CIA's latest front-of-the-house training DVD. It provides a comprehensive lesson in the principles, standards and practices that define outstanding service, and is highly recommended for fine dining waitstaff training. Lessons include Dining Room Guidelines, Table Setting and Hospitality Basics, Tray Handlingmore.
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Waitstaff Training Handbook- A Complete Guide to the Proper Steps in Service for F & B Employees
ID: AP-WWT-TH-00169
Our Price: $29.95

This handbook covers every aspect of customer service for the positions of host, waiter or waitress, head waiter, captain and bus person. The detailed performance of each position is described for different types of establishments and service.... more.
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COMMLOG Restaurant Manager Daily Log (English/Spanish - Bound Paper Notebook)
ID: CL-ML-QCLG-00214
Our Price: $39.99

COMMLOGs are systems of preprinted spiral bound notebooks designed to make daily restaurant business logging and planning organized and easy. "What goes in is what goes on." (These are bound paper books, not computer software.) Quarterly Manager Logs capture daily sales, schedules, plans, memos, shift notes, etc. En... more.
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The Complete WaitStaff Training Course DVD
ID: AP-CWS-EN-00122
Our Price: $99.95  Compare to MSRP: $149.95

In this new 60-minute, high-quality waitstaff training video, your staff will learn how to consistently deliver the quality service that makes customers not only come back, but tell others about their memorable experience. This training video is ideal as a backbone in your training program for experienced waitstaff who are always looking ... more.
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• On Special!

Chef Training Video: Basic Kitchen Preparation by the Culinary Institute of America
ID: CIA-1-58315-002-1-00151
Our Price: $39.95  Compare to MSRP: $99.95

This DVD by the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America (CIA) teaches the fundamentals needed to work in a professional kitchen. Designed for those responsible for the daily set up, preparation and maintenance of a kitchen, the Basic Kitchen Preparation Series covers preparations prior to cooking, flavorings, vegetable, dairy... more.
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