Restaurant Software / Cost Control: IPro Restaurant Food Inventory & Recipe Costing Software

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Restaurant Software / Cost Control: IPro Restaurant Food Inventory & Recipe Costing Software
IPro Series 40 Restaurant Inventory, Recipe & Menu Software

IPro restaurant and general food service inventory and recipe cost control software dramatically reduces food and beverage costs by detecting creeping costs, overuse, theft and unknown costs. IPro features periodic and perpetual inventory for food, liquor and supplies, build-to-par ordering, purchase history, vendor comparison, recipe costing and resizing, recipe printing, stock depletion by sales or production, sales and profit history, trends and analysis, and much more. Compare this program to others at ten times the price! Downloadable for immediate and free delivery.


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Restaurant Inventory & Recipe Costing Products

IPro Restaurant Inventory,
Recipe & Sales Software Features

  • Inventory Control
  • Recipe Costing & Resizing
  • Ordering & Purchase History
  • Ideal & Actual Cost Analysis
  • Sales & Profit Analysis

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IPro Series 40 Restaurant Inventory, Recipe & Menu Software
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The Time it Takes and the Results You Get

Your biggest concern may be the time it takes to learn and run IPro. Do you know you don't need to set aside a large block of time to make this work? It's normal to start slowly-- in your spare time-- and gradually bring in different parts of the system. You can have cost control now instead of making it next year's big project.

It doesn't pay to put off cost control-- the longer you wait, the more it costs. Lack of time is not a reason to wait-- there are many quick-and-dirty things you can do that give impressive results. You don't have to use all of IPro's features to get significant benefits. You don't have to "enter everything all at once" to make the program work. A moderate amount of effort (i.e., recording purchases only) yields wonderful results. We've defined seven "work levels" to show you how much work gives you which results:

Work Level

Proceedures and Results


If You Just Use Stock On Hand Lists: This is the minimum way to use IPro: Just make inventory check lists and take inventory. All you need to do to make lists is enter item names, prices and quantities. IPro does the stock-on-hand extensions and totals for you so you don't have to do them by hand. This isn't much work but it will save you some time and help you get organized.


Use "List Processing" for Many Purposes: In addition to making lists for taking stock, you can also use the lists for logging items received, transferred, wasted, sold, etc. and get reports showing the same. However, this is still not "real" control, it's just using IPro as a utility for convenience and saving time.


Benefits from Item File Setup Work: At this level you only need to enter descriptions of your inventory. You don't normally stop at this work level, but we're making an important point: collecting data gives you the surprisingly great benefits of "discovery" and "setting goals". Chances are excellent that you don't really know what your costs are until you're forced to really look carefully at each item. You will be surprised and shocked by what you don't know. This awareness is the beginning of cost control.


If You Only Record Purchases: If your time is really precious, just record your purchases or received items only. This gives you the most bang for the buck-- there are many very useful reports if you only record your purchases. You can even determine food and liquor cost percentages based on purchases.


If You Take Inventory and Record Purchases: If you take inventory, record purchases and maybe transfers, you can start to get usage and usage history and averages. You can compare average use to current use, find out if you're understocked or overstocked, and make buy lists based on the last-counted inventory.


More Benefits If You Enter Recipes: Inventory cost control is one thing and product cost control is another. You need to know what your recipes cost. Entering your recipes brings benefits of discovery and cost awareness-- save thousands of dollars immediately when you learn costs are higher than you thought.


Maximum Results If You Enter Sales Data: If you enter sales data, you'll find the "holy grail" of cost control: ideal use, ideal cost and stock reduction by sales. This gives you genuine cost control- the ability to compare what did happen to what should have happened. This is the only way to solve the problems that hurt you the most- theft, waste, overportioning and just plain sloppiness!

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