Digital Menu Board and Sign Display System for Flat Screens by doPublicity

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Digital Menu Board and Sign Display System for Flat Screens by doPublicity


Digital Menu Board and Sign Display System for Flat Screens by doPublicity

This Digital Menu Board and Sign System by doPublicity lets you easily create and remotely manage display screens, signage content, banners and playlists for single or multiple displays in any location from any other location. With this system of web-based sign design templates, software and wireless media players, you can create dynamic menu boards and signs from anywhere and change remote displays at any time. It's just like having your own private TV channel that broadcasts over the internet!

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Digital Menu Board and Sign Display System for Flat Screens by doPublicity


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Digital Menu Board and Sign Display System for Flat Screens by doPublicity
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Are you looking for a practical way to make and manage digital menus and signs?

A complete 42-inch digital sign system, including display, professional display installation and this kit can be purchased for around $850 total! (As of Nov. 2015, 42-inch monitors are available from major electronics stores for as little as $300 with installation and mounting hardware for another $150. Add this kit for $399 and the total is around $900.)

This Digital Menu Board and Sign System by doPublicity lets you easily create and remotely manage display screens, signage content, banners and playlists for single or multiple displays in any location from any other location. With this system of web-based sign design software and wireless media players, you can create dynamic menu boards and signs from anywhere and change remote displays at any time. (Internet service is needed at the display locations to make this work.)

This system is very much like having your own private TV channel that broadcasts over the internet to single or multiple digital displays.

You’ve seen them everywhere; large flat screen displays used for signage are a fantastic way to show menus, specials, announcements, helpful information and video entertainment in many commercial settings. Most important is that they have an immediate impact on your customers and increase sales of the products you promote.

The beauty of flat screens is that what they show can stay still or change as much as needed: they can display announcements that change every few seconds, or menu boards that change every few hours, or video material that moves constantly, or combinations of all of these, or simply stay the same for hours or days.

How to Set Up and Run Your Digital Menus and Signs

The flat screen itself is the easy part: these can be any TV screen or monitor with an HDMI input port that you can buy almost anywhere that sells consumer electronics. (Flat screens are not included with this product. Have them professionally mounted or mount them yourself.)

The trick is getting the flat screen to display your custom signage ("content"), but this is where the Digital Sign System by doPublicity makes it easy. To get going with doPublicity:

  • Connect your displays to the doPublicity media players. (Our media players are tiny, wireless “dongles” that velcro to the back of the screens that use your WiFi to receive your display content. This means that you don’t have to run any cables to your monitors and you don’t have to dedicate a PC to run the display. You can also easily move the media player around to different displays.)
  • Use the doPublicity website to design your menu or signs and schedule showings from any browser. Choose from more than six hundred sign design templates and fill in your menu or sign text, still photos or videos. You can sequence displays as “slide shows” and inject displays at scheduled times.
  • The website sends the "signal" over the internet and WiFi to the media players and displays and reports display status and results back to you.

Digital Sign Application for Many Industries

While this product has many features especially for the restaurant business, it is also widely used in many other industries:

Medical and Dental Waiting Rooms: Educate patients and advertise services.

Corporate Digital Signage for Internal Communication: Use for signs in building entrances, cafeterias, call centers, elevator banks, manufacturing facilities, etc. Anywhere there is traffic and a need to keep people up to date.

Retail Promotion: Suggest product purchases, display specials, promote products and direct traffic.

Professional Services: Advertise services and show examples of projects, results and clients.

Hotels and Event Centers: List schedules of events and their locations, directions to get there, and advertise your list of facilities and services.

Theaters: Show features and times and advertise snacks and services.

Schools: Display current messages wherever needed. Use digital signs wherever there is foot traffic or people waiting and the need to keep people informed, educated, directed or persuaded.

doPublicity Digital Signage Benefits and Features

Increase Sales: Food looks extra delicious on large screen displays. Studies show that you get extra sales of whatever you feature on the displays, so use both your best still photos and videos to make your food look irresistible and sell it like crazy!

Easy Display Design: Choose from 1000+ customizable templates for menus and signs. Just choose a template and fill in item names and prices for a basic menu or get fancy with split screens, specials, photos and videos.

Remote Management: Design and change your signs from any web browser- anytime and anywhere, with instant changes. It doesn’t matter where you are or where the displays are or when you make your changes.

Great Capacity: The media players can store up to eight hours of HD video or more than ten thousand slideshow-type programs.

Scheduled Sign Rotation: Automatically change signs on time and day schedules (such as different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Schedule Special Announcements: Run special promotions for individual locations or screens, depending on the day of week or time of day.

Event and Schedule Announcements: Use special features to easily create signage for events and event schedules.

Include News and Weather: Increase viewership by including sign rotations that show weather, news, web pages or FOREX financial data. (News is available in English, Spanish or French.)

Include Websites: Use the media player as a browser to display websites, including video content.

Control Individual Monitors: Create different display programs for individual monitors at any location. Manage all of them with one account.

Control Banks of Monitors: Media players can run banks of displays that all show the same signs at once by using signal splitting devices (not included). (Note that if you have rows of monitors next to each other, you normally want them to show different content. To show different programs on each monitor, each monitor must have its own digital sign kit.)

Simultaneously Display Signage on your Web Site: Automatically and simultaneously display the same signage at your website.

Extra Easy Equipment Setup: Just velcro the tiny media player device to your monitor and plug them into the HDMI port. (Internet service and WiFi are required at your location.)

No PC Required to Run the Monitor: You do not need to connect or tie up a computer to run the monitors. (Only the included wireless media player is needed.) You do not have to install or update computer software.

Internet and WiFi Not Always Required: The media player works even if internet or WiFi is not available at the display location. This means that you can set up the media player anywhere there is WiFi service (home, office or other) and simply move it to the display location. (WiFi is only needed to update the media player, not to make it start or continue running.)

No Special Monitor Required: Any standard flat screen (LED, LCD or Plasma) TV or computer monitor with HDMI input will do the job.

Be Extra Creative: Run your own videos created by you or your ad agency.

Training, Remote Support and Software Updates are included.

Restaurant Menu Board Template Features

Not only are there more than six hundred templates to make digital menu design fast and easy, there is so much more you can do that makes your menus eye-catching and exciting:

  • Menu board templates are offered in a large number of designs which can show one to thirty menu items and can use twenty-eight split-screen layouts.
  • Larger menus can be displayed using combinations of split screens and rotating displays. (“Rotating” means that screens change over time, like a slide show or PowerPoint presentation, that start over when done.)
  • Split-screen displays let you simultaneously show a larger variety of products.
  • Screen templates can be set up to display for durations from ten to thirty seconds to help make sure that guests have enough time to view and select what they want to order.
  • Screen programs can change automatically with the time of day or daypart, such as for having different menu boards for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • You enter your own words and descriptions in any language that you know. What you type in is what it shows.

Product Kit Contents

This doPublicity digital signage product kit includes a combination of software service subscription and hardware. One kit is needed for each digital sign display program. The following are included for the product price listed here:

  1. First-year web service subscription, including service setup, remote browser access to sign design templates and features, and help service.
  2. One media player device (model D424EX). This tiny device plugs directly into the HDMI port of your display and is usually simply velcroed to the back for the display. It arrives pre-configured and ready for you to just plug in.

The sign design and program control software is a web-based service that is sold on a yearly subscription basis per each display program. This kit includes the first year subscription fee. Subsequent year subscriptions are available separately (and subsequent year fees are much less than the first year).

One kit creates and controls one display program and connects to one media player. One media player usually plugs directly into one monitor to control it directly. The media player connects wirelessly to the internet via your WiFi. Your account controls only your media players.

Additional kits are required if you want to run additional displays showing different sign programs. Additional kits are also needed to run displays that need their own wireless connection (for example, because it may not be possible to run cables between displays that show the same program because the displays are too far apart).

Multiple displays can be managed from a single service account by adding more kits.

This kit does not include the flat panel displays themselves. Displays and professional mounting are available at electronics stores everywhere. (As of Nov. 2015, 42-inch flat displays with installation can be purchased for as little as $450 total! Add this kit for $399 and the total is around $850.)

Software Service Features

Content Setup:

Use setup templates, custom content or web page URLs to display on one or many screens. (Additional screen setups require additional kit purchases.) Content is created once and is distributed to all screen locations in real time.

Content Display Options:

  • Templates: Select from a variety of customizable templates (650+!)
  • LIVE Content: Weather, news (in English, French or Spanish) and horoscopes.
  • Pictures: JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG formats
  • Web pages (from URLs that you specify)
  • Unlimited disk space, updates, uploads and downloads
  • Create and store unlimited digital signage content on the server for subsequent transfer to your digital display screen.
  • There are no additional charges for uploading large video files or multiple pieces of content.
  • Update screens as often as needed. Playlist Setup
  • Set up Playlists for all or selective Screen Locations, each with their own custom settings:
    • Playlist sequence number
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Days of week to display content (i.e., Monday thru Saturday, Sunday closed)
    • Hours of day to display content (i.e., Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 7 PM, Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM)
    • Duration of display

Remote Status Monitoring: Remotely monitor and see if each screen is operational by checking status on your Remote Service Dashboard. (Status shows whether the media player is operational or is powered down.)

Display Report: You can view Content Display Reports for all screen locations at a single online location. Display reports are available in three report formats:

  • Show Last Thousand Displayed Content shows the last thousand records from all locations/
  • Show Displayed Content Summary shows the list grouped by Content Name with details grouped by date.
  • Show Displayed by Location Summary shows the list grouped by Location Name with individual Location Display Reports grouped by date.

Content uploads and report downloads are updated periodically based on how you set the Remote Service Update Frequency.

Media Player Description

The doPublicity Digital Signage Media Player is designed for trouble-free and continuous use in commercial environments. The media player is preconfigured and shipped with doPublicity Digital Signage Player Software -- just plug and play! One media player device (Model D424EX) is included in this kit. Media player hardware features include:

  • Plug-and-play install: just plug into the display's HDMI port (but WiFi login data must be entered for first setup).
  • Tiny Size: 5.6" x 3.75" x 0.85"
  • Easy mounting: just velcro to the back of the display.
  • Capacity for at least eight hours of HD video or ten-thousand slideshow-type programs.
  • Wireless range to routers up to forty feet (or more with WiFi range extenders).
  • Automatically checks for content update hourly and on power-up.
  • Runs programming even without WiFi and internet connection (but does not update).
  • Retains content programming even if power or internet connection is lost.
  • Portable: download programming at one location (where there is WiFi) and plug into a display at another location (where there may or may not be WiFi).
  • Up to 1.6 GHz- Quad Core CPU
  • 533 MHz Quad Core Video chip
  • 2 GB RAM memory
  • 8 GB storage memory
  • 2 USB ports
  • 1 Micro SD Card Slot
  • Built in wireless 802.11 b/g/n
  • External antenna


In addition to the media player that is provided as part of this kit, this system requires the following at the display location:

  • Display with HDMI input
  • Wall power source (usually the same outlet used by the monitor)
  • For program setup and updates, internet service and WiFi with signals able to reach media player locations (up to forty feet without range extenders). (Media players can be set up or updated where there is WiFi and internet and then moved elsewhere where there is no WiFi or internet.)
  • USB 2.0 Mouse for initial setup only (you can borrow one from your computer).

Signage content can be created and managed from any browser with internet service from anywhere.

International Use

Use this system anywhere in the world, with or without WiFi and internet access.

  • You can set up the system, create and update content anywhere in the world that you have WiFi and internet.
  • Once the media player is set up and the content programmed and downloaded, WiFi and internet service are not needed except for content updates.
  • You can do setup in one place and use the player in another.
  • You can enter text in any language that uses standard Latin characters. (The web site itself is in English only.)
  • Remote support and remote display status is available everywhere with WiFi and internet service.
  • We ship the media player everywhere in the world by US mail.

How to Order and Start

To start your doPublicity Digital Sign Web Service and receive your media player device, just click the Add to Cart button on this page to put this item in the shopping cart and then go to shopping checkout. Your service account will be set up and the media player shipped to you. You can begin creating your content within a business day. You can see your content on your display as soon as you plug your media player into a monitor.

If you are waiting for a display to be installed, in the meantime, you can install your media player into another monitor in your home or office while you create your content (WiFi needs to be there too). When the permanent display is ready, simply unplug the media player from the first monitor and plug it into the other.


There is a 30-day money-back guaranty on this kit. You may cancel the service and return the media player in the first thirty days for a full product purchase refund.

Menu Board Samples

Following are example menu board designs created from a small sample of the more than six hundred sign templates available. Use various templates to do anything from basic text to fancy split-screen videos and banners.

Sample from 10-item, 1-graphic digital menu board template.

Sample from 9-item, 3-graphic digital menu board template.

Sample from 9-item, 9-graphic digital menu board template.

Sample from 1-item, 1-graphic digital menu board template.

Sample from graphic and text digital menu board template.

Sample from 20-item, 5-graphic digital menu board template.

Sample from 15-item, 5-graphic digital menu board template.

Sample from 30-item, 5-graphic digital menu board template.

Sample from 6-item, 6-graphic digital menu board template.

Sample from 6-item, 6-graphic digital menu board template.

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