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Restaurant Business Plans

Restaurant Business Plan and Startup Products from

6/1/2024 by FoodSoftware

Welcome Restaurant Software Shoppers! specializes in business plan and startup products for restaurants and offers a variety of restaurant business plan and new restaurant start products.

The purpose of this page is to generally describe the broad field of restaurant business plan products as well as to list the specific restaurant business plan products available at (See the bottom of this page for links to detailed product descriptions.)

Products in our restaurant business plan category are software and/or books which are specifically designed for restaurants and related hospitality and food retail operations. Most of the products in this group are for creating formal and comprehensive business plan presentations to investors or banks to raise money or for evaluating business ideas for your own purposes. Other products in this group are to support your evaluations (how much money do I need to start this new restaurant?) or educate you (what do I need to learn before I buy a restaurant?).

Though many of our products are restaurant industry standards, they are still very specialized and not found in any retail store.

General Types of Restaurant Business Plan and New Restaurant Startup Products

Restaurant business plan products vary in format, content, purpose, business specialization, comprehensiveness and product support:
  • Formats: Products are available as books only, books with CDs and files for download delivery only.
  • Overall Content: Most business plan products include business background information, general plan instructions, plan examples and customizable templates for presentation documents and financial spreadsheets.
  • File Content: CDs and downloads usually contain a variety of files: PDFs for documentation, Word documents (.doc, .txt or .rtf) for customizable documents and Excel spreadsheets for customizable financial calculations.
  • Purposes:
    • Raising Money: Most products in this group are for creating formal and comprehensive business plan presentations to investors or banks to raise money. In addition to doing financial projections, formal business plans also help you demonstrate your professional knowledge by including industry and demographic studies to support your forecasts and operations manuals to show your preparedness to operate a business.
    • Your Own Evaluation: If you are investing your own money, it is just as important to evaluate your business ideas or prospective business purchases for yourself as though you were trying to raise money from others. The most important features of these products for your purposes are spreadsheets for making five-year financial projections and determining startup requirements.
    • Your Education: Some of the products in this group are for learning what you need to know to buy, build and operate restaurants if you've never been in the business before.
  • Business Specialization: These products are tailored to narrow business types: i.e., in addition to "typical" restaurants, there are specialty plans for sub shops, coffee shops, drive-thrus, bars, etc.. (Be sure to check the list of specific products at the end of this section for the wide variety of business plan types.)
  • Comprehensiveness: Business plan products vary in completeness and quality. As you might expect, the less expensive products (under $100) are more basic. The better products are $100 to $200.
  • Product Support: The better products (such as the QuickPlan line) are backed by knowledgeable support staff- people you can get on the phone to ask for help, advice and custom work.

Restaurant, Food and Hospitality Business Types

Specialty business types addressed in our catalog include:

  • Bakery
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Coffee, espresso and tea (retail) shop
  • Coffee shop (restaurant)
  • Delicatessen
  • Diner
  • Drive-thru coffee (kiosk)
  • Fast Food Restaurant
  • Hotel (typical - with restaurants)
  • Ice cream parlor
  • Personal chef business
  • Pizza restaurant
  • Restaurant (typical)
  • Resort hotel (with restaurants)
  • Specialty retail and gourmet foods shop
  • Sub shop
  • Wine bar
  • And more. . . .

Important Restaurant Business Plan and New Restaurant Startup Products

Click on the links below for detailed information about our key restaurant business plan and new restaurant startup products.

QuickPlan Restaurant Business Plan Software

  • QuickPlan Restaurant Business Plan Writing Software helps you create restaurant business plans if you are starting a new restaurant, looking for money to expand or appraising your restaurant to sell it.
  • Based on a 166-seat full-service restaurant but appropriate for most restaurant types.
  • Download delivery.
  • Includes:
    • Executive summary
    • Business description
    • Industry analyses
    • Marketing strategy
    • Location and operations documents
    • Management background, positions and responsibility
    • Financial plans, five-year projections and case scenarios
    • Employee, management and other operations manuals
    • Buildout and equipment plans.
    • And more!

New Restaurant Startup & Financial Feasibility Spreadsheet Software

  • The Restaurant Startup & Feasibility Model Spreadsheet Software helps you to determine the financial feasibility of new restaurant projects, whether your first restaurant or new location in a chain.
  • Evaluate the financial feasibility of a proposed restaurant.
  • Also a valuable tool in selling your project to potential partners, lenders and investors.
  • Excel (.xls) file format with a fully functional, completed worksheet and a blank worksheet with no values.
  • Download delivery.
  • Includes:
    • Capital Budget Worksheet
    • Summary P&L Projection
    • Detailed P&L Projection
    • Sales Projection
    • Hourly Labor Cost Projection

MenuPro 10 Restaurant Menu Design Software

Use this product to create sharp looking professional menus. Almost nothing is more powerful for selling a new restaurant concept than showing an outstanding menu for an as-if-existing restaurant.

  • SoftCafe MenuPro® is the world's leading menu design software.
  • Quickly create your own beautiful color menus at a fraction of the cost of print shop menus.
  • Create quick professional designs without the expense or hassle of using a graphic artist or desktop publisher.
  • Quickly make menu and price changes and print your revised menus in-house as fast as needed.
  • No computer training or word processing software required. Easily delegate small edit tasks to inexperienced users.
  • Vastly easier than using word processing or page layout software for restaurant menu design.
  • Includes more than 150 style templates that eliminate the need to design menus from scratch.
  • Makes daily special menus, dinner menus, wine lists, table tents, etc. in any size or layout.
  • Includes more than 1500 food illustrations, over 140 specialty fonts and culinary spell checker.
  • Downloadable for immediate and free delivery.
  • Free support.
  • Application software (does not require Excel or other software to run.)

EZChefSOFTWARE® Inventory, Menu Costing and Analysis for Restaurants for Excel

Engineer your menu mix and know your food costs ahead of opening with this product.

  • EZChefSOFTWARE® Inventory Management, Menu Costing and Analysis for Restaurants & Bars is our most popular simplified, Excel-based, basic inventory, recipe costing and sales analysis software.
  • Powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use.
  • Helps you save time, increase profits and learn to sell those menu items that make you the most money.
  • Optional "one click" feature imports all Sysco food products, with current prices, directly from the Sysco order guide. (Importing from some other companies is also available.)
  • Easily manages basic food and beverage inventory tasks and processes.
  • Performs menu costing for every item on the menu (including subrecipes).
  • Creates a full menu analysis from your sales mix (the sales proportions of menu items) to evaluate and visually display how each menu item impacts profitability.
  • Downloadable for immediate and free delivery.
  • Free support.
  • Spreadsheet-based software (requires Excel to open and familiarity with Excel to operate).

Recipe Management & Publishing: The Living Cookbook Recipe Software for Windows

  • Recipe Management and Publishing Software for capturing, storing, finding, sharing and printing recipes.
  • Electronic cookbook with photos
  • Manages recipes
  • Prints recipe books and cards
  • Copies recipes from the Internet
  • Publishes and shares recipes and cookbooks

Restaurant Employee Handbook Creator CD

  • Easy and quick way to develop your own employee handbook rather than to start from scratch.
  • Consists of word processing files for more than one hundred policies and forms that you can edit as needed.
  • Establish and communicate your employee policies to help protect yourself legally and reduce your exposure to lawsuits, litigation and disputes.
  • Organize all of your policies and benefits in one booklet.
  • Allow more effective and consistent management.
  • Increase employee morale, reduce turnover and increase productivity.
  • Each file is duplicated in English, Spanish and Chinese so you can create multilingual handbooks as needed.
  • Contentware requires word processing software to edit or print. The word processing files are in both MS Word (.doc) and text (.txt) formats for use with any word processor in Windows or on Macs.

Links to All Restaurant Software Products

See the list below for all products in this item class and related classes too. Customers who purchase the above mentioned products also buy these products.

Restaurant Business Plan and Startup Products from Catalog
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ID: LRS-PRONTO1-S1-00215
Our Price: $209.95  Compare to MSRP: $269.95

This system is ideal for simple paging requirements such as push-for-service service counter buttons or calling managers to the front of the house when things get busy. The set includes an LRS PRONTO one-button push-for-service transmitter and one alphanumeric text display pager and program kit. The PRONTO can be flat- or wall-mounted.... more.
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