Restaurant Training, Restaurant Training DVDs and Videos
    Restaurant Training, Restaurant Training DVDs and Videos Catalog

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Restaurant Training, Restaurant Training DVDs and Videos

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Restaurant Training

Restaurant Training, Restaurant Training DVDs and Videos

7/1/2024 by FoodSoftware

Welcome Restaurant Training Shoppers! specializes in training materials for restaurants, bakeries and other food businesses, as well as culinary schools and public libraries. Training materials are DVDs, books and software concentrated in the areas of training materials for food business owners, management, waitstaff, chefs, bakers and culinary students. is proud to feature the complete catalog of training DVDs from the Culinary Instititue of America (the "gold standard" of culinary DVDs) and the large selection of wonderful food- and food-business DVDs from the History Channel's Modern Marvels series.

Training Libraries: offers a variety of "library bundles" of related materials at substantial discounts compared to purchases of individual titles. Libraries may have 5, 10, 15 or as many as 20 or so DVDs in their collections.

Restaurant training materials offered at can be grouped by purpose into these main types:

  • Restaurant Waitstaff Training material for :

    • Teaching basic service skills to employees who have never worked in the restaurant business before. These training DVDs cover training for most public service positions- waitresses, waiters, bartenders, busboys and hosts.
    • Teaching advanced skills to experienced waitstaff in fine dine restaurants.
    • Teaching selling and upselling skills for waitstaff of all levels.
    • Teaching wine knowledge and service skills for fine dine waitstaff.

  • Chef / Cook / Kitchen Staff Training material for:

    • Various cuisine types, styles and methods (moist cooking methods, dry cooking methods, healthy cooking, etc.)
    • Basic and advanced skills (knife skills and care, kitchen preparation, etc.)

  • Restaurant Manager Training material for:

    • General restaurant management
    • "How to Train" training
    • Cost control

  • Baker Training material for:

    • Bread baking, beginning, advanced and decorative techniques
    • Cake decoration techniques
    • Gluten-free baking

  • Confectionery Training material for:

    • Confectionery making techniques
    • Chocolate decoration techniques

  • Restaurant Buisiness Training material for:

    • Restaurant planning and building
    • Restaurant operations
    • Restaurant accounting (i.e., "Guide to Quickbooks")
    • Cost control and cost cutting guides

  • General Food Background material for:

    • Background and introduction to various food businesses ("Drive-Thru", "Fast Food Tech", "The Butcher")
    • Background and introduction to various food staples ("Corn", "Coffee", "Sugar", "Wine")

Important Restaurant Training Products

Click on the links below for detailed information about our key restaurant training products.

Restaurant Training Video: The Complete WaitStaff Training Course DVD

  • Essential, general restaurant front-of-the house training for waitstaff, including waiters, waitresses, hosts and bussers.
  • For standard restaurants
  • For employees who may have never worked in restaurants before
  • Available in English and Spanish versions

Restaurant Training: Exceeding Expectations: Fine Dining Waitstaff Tips & Techniques

  • Essential fine-dine training for high end restaurants
  • For experienced waistaff

Restaurant Training / Waiter Training DVD: The Perfect Server DVD

  • From-the-beginning and advanced detailed training for waiters and waitresses.
  • For fine dine restaurants
  • Directly contrasts perfect technique against bad service.
  • Interactive testing
  • Extensive bonus material

Chef Training Bundle Deal SAVE $$$: Chef's Master Video Library- Culinary Institute of America

  • Comprehensive chefs' skills library, especially recommended for culinary schools
  • Produced by the Culinary Institute of America

See the list below for all products in this item class and related classes too. Customers who purchase the above mentioned products also buy these products.

Restaurant Training, Restaurant Training DVDs and Videos Catalog
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