Restaurant Software / Food Cost Control: IPro Inventory - POS Interface Link Modules

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Restaurant Software / Food Cost Control: IPro Inventory - POS Interface Link Modules
IPro POS Interface Link Modules Software

These IPro add-on module enables direct downloading of sales data from your POS's polling program to IPro.


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IPro POS Interface Link Modules Software
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IPro POS Link Modules

IPro is able to link to most point-of-sale (POS) and electronic cash registers (ECR) currently on the market by reading or importing files created by the POS itself or by polling software. These links eliminate hand entry of sales data into IPro and can save you a great deal of time.

Below is a partial list of our library of IPro POS link modules. Note that each link is listed as a combination of device and polling software (unless polling is unnecessary or provided with the system as indicated).

The variety of POS systems on the market is so great that chances are excellent that the link module you need will not be in our library already. That's no problem- almost every time we get an order, it's for a new one. The charge to develop new links is the same as the charge for existing links-- a flat fee of $399.00.

If you want us to make a link module that we don't already have: 1) email a copy of your sales export file to, along with 2) any documentation that describes the sales export file and 3) also send us any names and phone numbers of the dealer or manufacturer who can provide us with technical information.

The standard version of IPro includes link modules to accept sales data formatted to our specifications.  These standard link modules accept data in csv-text, Access and dBase formats.

More on Polling Software: Polling software is usually for Electronic Cash Registers ("ECR") that are not PC-based. Polling software's job is to enable PCs to connect to ECRs (often by phone line) and tranfser ("poll") sales data from the ECR to the PC and create sales files on the PC. Polling software may be sold separately from the ECR and may be from companies other than the manufacturer of the ECR.

Most PC-based POS systems do not need polling software. PC-based systems usually create sales files that can be exported to IPro without extra polling software. This is what "(polling not required)" means in the chart below- that you do not have to purchase polling software to create the file that IPro needs.

Partial List of Existing Links

POS / Cash Register

Polling Software

Aloha (polling not required)
Action Systems Restaurant Manager (polling not required)
Comtrex SuperSprint POS COMTREX SS/COM Ver. 3.3 +
CTC 1000 Provider (polling not required)
Digital Dining (polling not required)
EPOS (polling not required)
Esper 7450, 7810, 9700/11/20 CRS EsperLink Ver. (Current)
FreePOS (polling not required)
HSI Profit Series (polling not required)
Infogenesis PMX Express (polling not required)
Micros 1270 / 1370 Simple Software Ver. (Current)
Micros 2700 Micros PC Versions 1 - 3
Micros 2700 Micros PC Versions 4.0X
Micros 3700 (polling not required)
Micros 4700 (polling not required)
Micros 8700 (polling not required)
NCR 2170HP RIS 2170HP Polling V. 3.1
NCR 2760 (polling not required)
Omron 4043 Howell ECR Vers. (Current)
Omron RS4541 OMRON RS4541 Polling Software.
Panasonic 6500/700 CDS Softcomm Vers. 5.0 - 6.2
Panasonic JS-4610 CDS-SoftComm2 Vers. 2.0
Panasonic JS-4600/4610 ERCLink Ver. 5.10 +
Panasonic JS-6500/7000 ERCLink Ver 5.10 +
Panasonic JS-7500 Panpoll
PosiTouch (polling not required)
Right Touch / Omron (polling not required)
RMS-Touch Screen System (polling not required)
Sable (polling not required)
Sharp 3100/3310/11 Carefree Solutions Vers. (Current)
Sharp 4230 (42HB Board) DataSym YakPak Vers. (2/91)
SilverWare POS (polling not required)
Squirel (polling not required)
TEC FDS-200 Cyplex Versions 2.1 - 4 +
TEC FDS-200 Retail Management Info. Systems
TEC FDS-30, MA-19/17/16 TecConnect Ver. 2.0
TEC FDS-300 Cyplex Teccomm,
Top Hat (polling not required)
Touch Menu (polling not required)
TTC Version 4.57 (polling not required)
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