Restaurant Software / Cost Control: IPro Restaurant Food Inventory & Recipe Costing Software

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Restaurant Software / Cost Control: IPro Restaurant Food Inventory & Recipe Costing Software
IPro Series 40 Restaurant Inventory, Recipe & Menu Software

IPro restaurant and general food service inventory and recipe cost control software dramatically reduces food and beverage costs by detecting creeping costs, overuse, theft and unknown costs. IPro features periodic and perpetual inventory for food, liquor and supplies, build-to-par ordering, purchase history, vendor comparison, recipe costing and resizing, recipe printing, stock depletion by sales or production, sales and profit history, trends and analysis, and much more. Compare this program to others at ten times the price! Downloadable for immediate and free delivery.


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Restaurant Inventory & Recipe Costing Products

IPro Restaurant Inventory,
Recipe & Sales Software Features

  • Inventory Control
  • Recipe Costing & Resizing
  • Ordering & Purchase History
  • Ideal & Actual Cost Analysis
  • Sales & Profit Analysis

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IPro Series 40 Restaurant Inventory, Recipe & Menu Software
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Revised: 3/1/2024

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Purchasing with Forecasting

Forecasting Setup Screen Example

Requirements Forecasting Setup Screen Example

Forecasting is predicting stock usage by any of a variety of methods: by past or future depletions by sales or production, past usage, past orders, or even quantities entered manually into lists.

As described previously, forecasted amounts can be the amount ordered or they can be used to adjust the stock levels of the build-to methods.

Forecasting from Activity: One option is to forecast using past- or future-dated activity file records. (Activity records are the detailed history records.) After you set a range of dates, IPro adds all the appropriate activity records together to determine the forecast amount.

This is useful if you want to forecast based on some prior time period and a scalar. For example, let's say that business is highly seasonal and changes greatly from month to month. You can't predict by last month, but you can predict by the same month a year ago. Also, you need to factor in that volume has improved by 10% overall. You can ask IPro to forecast using activity for the same period last year, only scaled by 110%.

IPro can forecast for any date range for which there is posted activity-- even future dates. If you know future sales or orders and post them to future dates, you can use those too.

IPro has features which allow it to handle very complicated, though not uncommon scenarios such as this:

Let's say you are the purchasing manager of a major hotel with four restaurants, three kitchens, six bars, two large banquet halls, eight storage areas and a central commissary.

It is possible to automatically add up all the requisitions from all the restaurants and kitchens, all the build-to-par amounts from the storage areas, and all the ingredient requirements from all the special event sales and combine them all into one master set of purchase orders or buy lists. It's just a matter of selecting the appropriate source and target lists and setting up the purchasing and forecasting process accordingly.

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