Restaurant Software / Cost Control: IPro Restaurant Food Inventory & Recipe Costing Software

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Restaurant Software / Cost Control: IPro Restaurant Food Inventory & Recipe Costing Software
IPro Series 40 Restaurant Inventory, Recipe & Menu Software

IPro restaurant and general food service inventory and recipe cost control software dramatically reduces food and beverage costs by detecting creeping costs, overuse, theft and unknown costs. IPro features periodic and perpetual inventory for food, liquor and supplies, build-to-par ordering, purchase history, vendor comparison, recipe costing and resizing, recipe printing, stock depletion by sales or production, sales and profit history, trends and analysis, and much more. Compare this program to others at ten times the price! Downloadable for immediate and free delivery.


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Restaurant Inventory & Recipe Costing Products

IPro Restaurant Inventory,
Recipe & Sales Software Features

  • Inventory Control
  • Recipe Costing & Resizing
  • Ordering & Purchase History
  • Ideal & Actual Cost Analysis
  • Sales & Profit Analysis

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IPro Series 40 Restaurant Inventory, Recipe & Menu Software
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Revised: 3/1/2024

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IPro Features Summary - Page 1

IPro includes all below without requiring extra modules:

Inventory Management

  • Compute food and liquor use and percentage costs.
  • Arrange worklists in any order for counting stock on hand, stock received, etc.
  • Compare actual use to average use and rank highest over- and underused items.
  • Quick-enter purchases by name, vendor code, etc.
  • Invoice expense breakdowns by account number.
  • Purchase, price, stock level, usage, transfer, and waste reports.

Recipe Costing, Sizing and Write-up

  • Menu and batch recipe costs from cost-breakdown of inventory files.
  • Recost recipes as purchases and new costs are logged.
  • Resize recipes or do what-ifs for portion and cost changes.
  • Search-and-replace ingredients in all recipes.
  • Notepad for preparation instructions.
  • Print recipes and instructions on sheets and index cards.

Menu Sales Analysis

  • Menu sales, profit, cost history and trend reporting for any time.
  • Report menu-item popularity, sales and profit contributions and list by rank or department.
  • Log sales data in the same order as printed by registers or add a direct POS-link.

Ideal Use and Perpetual Inventory

  • Use sales and production to deplete stock, then compare to counted levels to compute variance.
  • Compare ideal against actual use.
  • Keep periodic and perpetual inventory simultaneously.

Shopping, Purchase History & PO's

  • Speeds purchasing, shopping, bidding and receiving.
  • Makes buy lists from build-to-par, last, average, historical or forecast usage or combination thereof.
  • Expands need-to-buy-lists with substitute and alternate vendor items, and auto-selects lowest-cost alternates.
  • "Work-ahead lists": Make purchase orders with matching receiving logs in anticipation of deliveries.
  • Purchase and price history reports by item or vendor.

Requisition & Transfer Tracking

  • Allows multi-center operations with central storerooms or commissaries that need separate expense tracking.
  • Create requisitions, respond with transfer lists, report summary and details and keep transfer histories.
  • Consolidate lists and POs for central ordering.

Multi-Profit Center

  • Use the software in any number of your restaurants.
  • Keep unlimited related or unrelated operations.
  • Switch instantly between companies.
  • Data-copying for like-items in different locations.
  • Report for single or ranges of centers or consolidate departments, divisions or company-wide.
  • Create any number of data bases as needed.

Historical Reporting & Data Archive

  • Keep all data- purchases, usage, sales, etc., for all time.
  • Report any time span- any day to any day.
  • Compare any two time periods and check for trends.
  • Use historical data to forecast usage and sales.
  • Track sales, usage, and cost trends.
  • Purge data and archive it to floppies to save space.
  • Retrieve archived data from floppies.
  • Extract and export data to standard ASCII files.
  • Export any report to files for spreadsheets, etc.

Custom Reporting System

  • Customize and save unlimited report setups for re-use.
  • Select ranges of divisions and departments.
  • Filter by class and activity types.
  • Sort by name, record number, location, rank, etc.
  • Format by summary, detail, and line types.
  • Select report limits- top range, bottom range, top-ten, bottom-ten, above/below $10, etc.

Liquor Tracking

  • Count full bottles and weights of partials.
  • Track dead bottles.
  • Special key ratios: "vodka as % of sales", etc.

Optional Interface Modules

POS Link modules specific by make and model are not included with the basic IPro system. They are purchased separately.

  • POS & Cash Register Links
  • Eliminate hand-entry and import sales from cash registers.
  • Simultaneously import sales and deplete stock.
  • Easily edit and correct imported data.
  • Large library of available links by register make and model.
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