Restaurant Software / Cost Control: IPro Restaurant Food Inventory & Recipe Costing Software

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Restaurant Software / Cost Control: IPro Restaurant Food Inventory & Recipe Costing Software
IPro Series 40 Restaurant Inventory, Recipe & Menu Software

IPro restaurant and general food service inventory and recipe cost control software dramatically reduces food and beverage costs by detecting creeping costs, overuse, theft and unknown costs. IPro features periodic and perpetual inventory for food, liquor and supplies, build-to-par ordering, purchase history, vendor comparison, recipe costing and resizing, recipe printing, stock depletion by sales or production, sales and profit history, trends and analysis, and much more. Compare this program to others at ten times the price! Downloadable for immediate and free delivery.


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Restaurant Inventory & Recipe Costing Products

IPro Restaurant Inventory,
Recipe & Sales Software Features

  • Inventory Control
  • Recipe Costing & Resizing
  • Ordering & Purchase History
  • Ideal & Actual Cost Analysis
  • Sales & Profit Analysis

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IPro Series 40 Restaurant Inventory, Recipe & Menu Software
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Revised: 3/1/2024

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Features Summary - Page 2

"Minimum Regular Use" Reports

  • Stock On Hand Worksheets: Inventory check lists with spaces to write in counts.
  • Stock On Hand Reports: Extensions and totals.
  • Stock On Hand Count: For items in stock.
  • Receiving List: For items received.
  • Buy List: For items needed or for shopping.
  • Sales List: For items sold.
  • Transfer List: For items transferred or returned.
  • Waste List: For stock or prepared items wasted.
  • Production List: For items produced and not sold.
  • Purchase Order: To document orders to vendors.
  • Quote Request: To request prices for shopping.
  • Requisition List: To request items for transfer from a warehouse.
  • Bottle Count & Weight List: Enter weights of partials and counts of full bottles.
  • Dead Bottle List: For empty bottles for liquor control.
  • Menu Plan: For menu cycle lists for planning.
  • Reports from Inventory Setup Only
  • Item Lists: Lists all inventory data in the item file.
  • Where Stored Reports: Where items are located.
  • Substitutes and Alternate Vendors: Reports which items have substitutes or alternate vendor sources.

Reports from Only Recording Purchases

  • Lowest Last Cost Report: Lowest last cost and ranks cost among alternates for shopping.
  • Cost Change Impact Report: Reports item's effect on overall cost, ranks from most hurtful to most helpful.
  • Cost Change By Vendor Report: Reports vendors' price changes to check for lowball and creeping costs.
  • Purchase and Quote History By Vendor: Purchase and/or quote history for price and quantity by vendor.
  • Purchase and Quote History By Item: Purchase and/or quote history for price and quantity tracking by item.
  • Purchase and Quote History By Stock Class: Purchase and/or quote history for price and quantity by stock class.
  • Stock Cost Problem: Change Greater Than 10%: Warns of items with cost increases greater than 10% only.
  • Key Ratios: Food, liquor, other cost percents' histories.

Reports from Recording Purchases & Stock

  • Use by Stock Class (Periodic): Quantity and value of usage by class (produce, meat, dairy, etc.)
  • Stock On Hand by Location (Periodic): Quantity and value at each location based on the last actual count.
  • Stock On Hand Problem: Excess by Location: Excess stock alert (more than 14 or other days you set).
  • Stock On Hand Problem: Shortage by Location: Shortage alert: Under 2 days (or other days amount).
  • Use Problems: Items Under/Overused by Averages: Overuse alert: Current use exceeds average by 20%.

Reports Available from Recording Recipes

  • Recipe Listings: Prints cost and portion data.
  • Recipe Cards and Books: Prints recipe preparation methods and/or cost data on index cards or sheets.
  • Recipe Pricing / Target Cost Reports: Suggested prices based on high, low and target costs. Shows cost and price differences between high, low and target costs.
  • Recipe High Cost Warning Reports: Reports recipes with high costs (recipes with costs X% above target).
  • Ingredient Reports: A "reverse listing" which shows for each ingredient which recipe uses the ingredient.

Reports Available from Recording Sales

  • Production by Product Class: Quantity and value of production of batch items for any period of time.
  • Profit Contribution by Product Class: Profit contributed by menu items organized by Product Class.
  • Profit Contribution Ranked Greatest to Least: Profit contributed by menu items ranked by profit contribution.
  • Profit Problem: Contribution Less Than 2% of Total: Menu items which make less than 2% of the total profit-- "weak" items which may be removed from the menu.
  • Profit Contribution Change Ranked Greatest to Least: Tracks changes in profit contribution by menu items. Especially useful for tracking how specials do so they can be added to or dropped from the regular menu.
  • Profit Problem: Contribution Reduction More Than 10%: Focuses on items with rapidly dropping profit contribution and sales. ("10% can be any value.)
  • Stock On Hand by Location (Perpetual): Stock on hand by the perpetual method, which includes stock reduced by sales-- current levels without taking inventory.
  • Stock On Hand by Ledger Account (Perpetual): Stock on hand by the perpetual method, broken down by general ledger inventory account.
  • Use by Stock Class (Perpetual): Usage by the perpetual method, broken down by stock class (meat, fish, etc.).
  • Use Problems: Items Under/Overused by Sales: Quantity and value of items underused or overused. (IPro compares what should be on the shelf to what is on the shelf and reports the difference.)
  • Use Problems: Ideal to Actual Use Comparison: Items underused or overused. (IPro compares usage determined by counting to usage determined by sale.)
  • Ideal Cost & Real Cost Key Ratio Reports: Real food cost is the cost of stock used divided by menu sales. Ideal food cost is the total cost of menu items sold divided by menu sales. If real and ideal cost should be the same, if not, find out why! The difference is your profit!
  • And More!
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